मध्य प्रदेश वाणिज्यिक कर अपील बोर्ड
Madhya Pradesh Commercial Tax Appellate Board
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Guidelines for Virtual Hearing (VH) before MPCTAB.


1. It is recommended to use a Desktop or Laptop for the VH. However, Mobile with Internet connectivity may also be used.
2. It should be ensured that there is stable Internet connection or network, and uninterrupted power supply/battery life available at the time of hearing.
3. Microphone and speakers should be checked to ensure proper hearing.
4. Decorum and dress code for the VH is the same as it would be for any physical hearing.
Logging In
1. Download the Zoom Application from Google Play or App Store in your Mobile, Laptop or Desktop that is to be used for the VH.
2. Check your registered email/WhatsApp messages for the link of the VH. Each hearing will have a separate ID and password to log in, which will be given in the email/message, usually a day before the hearing.
3. Login to “Join a Meeting” in the Zoom app on the date of the Virtual Hearing with the ID and password provided to you through email or WhatsApp. You will be initially connected to the Waiting Room, and admitted to the VH as soon as the court has convened and the hearing is ready to begin.
During the Virtual Hearing
1. Both your video and audio can be turned on and off by controls at the bottom of the screen. Your microphone can be muted and unmuted by these controls. As the application is highly sensitive to sound, it is requested to keep the Microphone on mute till you are called upon to make the submission.
2. While presenting arguments, video should remain on, and the participant should look into the camera and argue in the same manner as in any regular hearing. 
3. Paper book/Written submission/adjournment application if any may be submitted through email well in advance before the VH date.
4. The responsibility for attending the VH on the scheduled date and time is on the party/representative. However, if due to technical reasons in any particular hearing, the party/representative is unable to connect, the case shall be adjourned.


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