मध्य प्रदेश वाणिज्यिक कर अपील बोर्ड
Madhya Pradesh Commercial Tax Appellate Board
Web Information Manager

Web Information Manager is overall responsible for quality and quantity of information and services on the website. He has to ensure that there is a proper flow of content to the site and that content quality and user satisfaction issues are taken care of. To achieve this, he has to coordinate with the various groups within the Department. He also has to ensure that all the content on the website is always authentic, up-to-date and obsolete information or services are removed.
Since the websites receive a lot of feedback/query mails from the visitors, it is the responsibility of the Web Information Manager to either reply to all of them himself or designate someone to regularly check and respond to the feedback/query mails.
The complete contact details of the Web Information Manager are given below. Visitors of this website can contact him/her in case of any queries or issues. 

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